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Curse Breaking And House Cleansing Handbook

RRP $18.99

Since curses are being precisely transferred from generation to generation, through the family bloodline and also from a person to another, from animals and objects to people and vise-versa, I have decided to put together this handbook in which I unveil the darkness behind our families and societies and deal with these particular demons and curses, common to human beings, the proper way and help educate this generation already brainwashed and afflicted by such evil and sinful cultures, in most cases led by the television, movie and music industries as well as the media outlets, magazines, books, false religions, ungodly societies and organization, new age spirituality, etc... that have been bombarding our children and young adults with all kinds of sinful, anti-Christ demonic messages and information orchestrated, of course, by an invisible kingdom operating in the shadows that partially and conditionally rules over this planet which is known as Satan's kingdom.

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

RRP $915.99

Organised by the International Energy Agency Greenhouse Gas Research and Development Programme, the International Conference on Technologies for Activities Implemented Jointly was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, May 26-29 (1997). The papers presented at the conference and published in these proceedings reflect the theme that Activities Implemented Jointly (AIJ) is a major tool to facilitate practical demonstration and development of greenhouse gas mitigation technologies. Published in a single volume under the title "Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, " the proceedings cover the following key areas: Key Note Presentations; International Initiatives; Enhancing Sinks and Stores; Maximising Joint Benefits; Improved Energy Technology; Asian Development Bank; Transport; Transmission and End Use.
The concept of AIJ will facilitate international cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations and mitigate effects of climate change. In publishing these internationally-relevant conference proceedings, "Greenhouse Gas Mitigation "is likely to prove an invaluable reference tool for those engaged in research and application of initiatives to combat climate change.

A Supply Chain Logistics Program For Warehouse Management

RRP $251.99

A well-planned, well-structured warehouse management system (WMS) offers significant advantages to an organization, particularly in its ability to make warehouse operations more efficient, more cost effective, and more responsive.

A Supply Chain Logistics Program for Warehouse Management details the concepts, applications, and practices necessary for the successful management of a WMS program, including the selection and adoption of the right software.Taking a process approach to a generic warehouse and its workings, the authors trace a producta (TM)s life cycle from its receipt at a warehouse, through its outbound shipment, and to its eventual return.

This approach illustrates the logistics of a well-run supply chain and how it works in relation to every phase of a warehousea (TM)s operation. The book details each phase and its related process, demonstrating how every component fits into the overall operation. Specific topics include how to reduce product damage, enhance identified product flow and track inventory, increase employee productivity, improve customer service, reduce warehouse operating costs, improve profits, and assure asset protection. The book also presents guidelines, tips and checklists so the reader can view how each component is carried out.

Whether a warehouse operation supports a small, medium, or large business, A Supply Chain Logistics Program for Warehouse Management is an important book to have in order to design a system that reduces operating costs, improves products, and maintains timely delivery to customers.A

Understanding Complex Military Operations

RRP $359.99

This volume provides materials for active learning about peacebuilding and conflict management in the context of complex stability operations, using a comparative case study methodology.

Complex operations are collaborative and coordinated military and civilian agency activities executed to restore stability to fragile states, and to aid the transition to democratic governance operating under the rule of law. All actors engaged in complex stability operations need to understand the requirements for effective civil-military and interagency coordination from different perspectives (military, civilian, diplomacy, development, allied, local). Effective conflict prevention and transformation requires greater coherence between security, governance and development policies along with enhanced coordination among governmental agencies and with local, regional and international partners (as in 'smart power' - pursuing the right tools for each operational context). Conflict management strategies and whole-of-government approaches are closely connected. In fragile states and post-conflict societies, security, governance and development are challenges that need to be addressed simultaneously and in coordinated fashion.

As a consequence of the multitude of threats, actors and tasks in such operations, decisions will cut across a wide range of social, political and cultural domestic and global issues and demand cognitive flexibility, adaptability and the ability to make decisions 'on the fly'. The need for strategic and operational decision-making at every turn requires that the actors - military and civilian alike - acquire the mental agility, interpersonal maturity and cross-cultural savvy. These competencies need to be ingrained into the readily available skill sets for military and civilian leaders so they become second-nature to their decision-making. The case studies in this volume integrate research -- theoretical and empirical-- that effectively identifies patterns of conflict, characteristics of complex operations and conditions for their effective conduct. It thereby provides educational materials for introducing and actively engaging students and practitioners in the intricacies of contemporary national security decision-making.

This volume will be of much interest to students of conflict prevention, transitional justice, peacebuilding, security studies and professionals conducting field-based operations in potentially hazardous environments.

A House To Let

RRP $16.99

"A House to Let" is a short story by Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell and Adelaide Anne Procter. It was originally published in 1858 in the Christmas edition of Dickens' Household Words magazine. Each of the contributors wrote a chapter and the story was edited by Dickens. "A House to Let" was the first collaboration between the four writers, although Collins and Dickens had worked with Procter on previous Christmas stories for the magazine in 1854, 1855, and 1856. The four authors would write together again in 1859's "The Haunted House" which appeared in the extra Christmas number of All the Year Round, the successor to Household Words which Dickens had started after a dispute with his publishers. In a letter to Collins from 6 September 1858, Dickens outlined his idea for a Christmas story. He originally envisioned the story being written by himself and Collins with his plot outline fleshed out by Collins, but was later to invite Gaskell and Procter to contribute chapters. Dickens and Collins wrote the first chapter, "Over the Way," and the last chapter "Let at Last" together, and each of the writers wrote one of the intervening chapters: Gaskell "The Manchester Marriage," Dickens "Going into Society," Procter "Three Evenings in the House" and Collins "Trottle's Report." The plot concerns an elderly woman, Sophonisba, who notices signs of life in a supposedly empty dilapidated house (the eponymous "House to Let") opposite her own and employs the efforts of an elderly admirer, Jabez Jarber, and her servant, Trottle, to discover what is happening within. A dramatisation of "A House to Let" was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 during the week of 11-15 December 2006. It was repeated on Radio Four Extra during the week 26-30 December 2011.


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