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Warehouse Safety

RRP $81.99

Because warehouses typically contain no dangerous machines or high-risk operations, employers and employees often develop a false sense of safety and security. With this book, you will learn how to proactively develop formal safety programs and reduce the number of safety incidents and losses that occur in your warehouse environment. Warehouse Safety discusses such topics as the nature of warehouse operations and safety statistics and examines the components of an effective safety program, including meetings, job safety observation, and safety incentives. It focuses on the high hazard work areas and situation present in warehouses and the equipment and training that managers should invest in to prevent injury and loss. Author George Swartz addresses a number of preventative measures, including fixed fire systems and fire safety, materials storage, handrailing and ladders, employee training, forklifts, methods for lockout/tagout procedures, dock hazards and safeguards, and more.

Curse Breaking And House Cleansing Handbook

RRP $18.99

Since curses are being precisely transferred from generation to generation, through the family bloodline and also from a person to another, from animals and objects to people and vise-versa, I have decided to put together this handbook in which I unveil the darkness behind our families and societies and deal with these particular demons and curses, common to human beings, the proper way and help educate this generation already brainwashed and afflicted by such evil and sinful cultures, in most cases led by the television, movie and music industries as well as the media outlets, magazines, books, false religions, ungodly societies and organization, new age spirituality, etc... that have been bombarding our children and young adults with all kinds of sinful, anti-Christ demonic messages and information orchestrated, of course, by an invisible kingdom operating in the shadows that partially and conditionally rules over this planet which is known as Satan's kingdom.

Rural Household Finance In Chinai

RRP $381.99

This book analyses the financial and rural economic reform of China. Since China started the "revolution" of the rural economy in 1978 a series of reforms has been implemented in the area of rural finance focusing on institutional changes. Looking back on these "historical changes", we can find that there is still a long way to go. China's Central Government has put forward a new concept in the rural financial system. In this book, with cases from Fengyang County and Anhui Province, the birthplace of Chinese rural reform, the author tries to study how to set up a modern rural financial system under the framework of incentive compatible mechanism theory, which was advanced by Nobel prize winners L. Hurwicz, Myeson and Maskin. This book summarizes the reform of China's rural economics and the function of financial cooperation within this policy. Few scholars have studied this subject thoroughly. As rural financial cooperation becomes the hot spot of China's economic and finance reform, this book is both useful and unique. This book contains nine chapters. Chapter 1 is an introduction in which the central issue has been put forward and a survey has been made on the literature of rural finance in China and abroad. It has outlined the framework and contents and introduced the research methodology and possible innovations. And it has also proposed the direction and major issues for further research. Chapter 2 illustrates the main theories on which this research is based, including peasant economy theory and the incentive compatibility theory. Chapter 3 analyses rural households' financial needs under the Household Contract Responsibility System and investigates rural households' economic behaviors, saving behaviors and lending behaviors, as well as their demand constraint. By analyzing the cause and goal of the exogenous financial institutional arrangements, and also the performance of its institutional supply, chapter 4 reveals the incentive incompatibility of rural exogenous financial institutions. Chapter 5 looks at the evolution of the rural endogenous financial institution and reveals the causes of its repression in the state's preference of financial institution from a historical perspective. Based on the incentive compatible mechanism, chapter 6 puts forward two models of rural household cooperative financial institution, namely, peasant credit cooperative and federation of rural credit cooperatives. Based on analyzing the credit basis of rural household cooperative financial institution (village culture) and its compatibility with the family contract system, chapter 7 shows the effectiveness of the institutional arrangements of rural household cooperative finance with the game analysis of rural households in relation with the exogenous and endogenous financial institutions and also from a comparative analysis of transaction costs and competitiveness. Chapter 8 tries to apply the model of institutions into practice. Through pilot experiment, it investigates the setting up and operation of peasant credit cooperatives and the Federation of Peasant Credit Cooperative in Fengyang County of Anhui Province, the birthplace of China's rural economic reform. With a comparative analysis of the performance of rural credit unions and village-township banks, it proves the effectiveness of the institutional arrangements of rural household cooperative finance. Chapter 9 is based on theoretical research and case studies, and draws a conclusion, and proposes corresponding policy-orientations.

Understanding Global Conflict And Cooperation

RRP $226.99

Is There A Doctor In The Church House?

RRP $44.99

"Lord, what is wrong with me? I'm faithful to Church, I give my Tithes and Offerings, I pray, fast and read my Bible but I'm still not getting the results that Pastor Do-Right and Evangelist Get-Right said I would have. You told me to love my neighbor as myself, but I can't love my neighbor because I don't love myself!" II Corinthians 5:17 says, "If any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things are become new." Well if "all" things are new, why am I still having problems with the same old feelings and attitudes? When I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, the Church didn't realize that it was just as important for the Believer to be taught about his "body" as it was to be taught about his "soul" and "spirit." As a result, many Believers are attacked mentally and physically and there is no REAL peace or joy in their lives because he does not understand what is going on inside of him! He is ignorant of the fact that Satan is constantly using his brain chemistry, hormones and normal brain functions in his "subversive" plan of attack to "rob" him and "undermine" the Word of God in his life. This book "bridges the gap" between the physical and spiritual life of the Believer and reveals some important physiological "truths" that will impact his life and "make him free" Medically Speaking!


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