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The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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On 19 March, 1932, after nine years of planning and building, more than a million Australians crossed the newly opened Sydney Harbour Bridge, the largest arch bridge in the world. This revised edition of Peter Spearitt's biography of the Bridge celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in March 2012. It tells the extraordinary story of the Bridge's design and construction, the drama of its official opening, and the way it has taken a central place in Sydney's celebrations and become a much-loved symbol of the city. The Bridge has inspired great art and drawn visitors from all over the world to marvel and climb it, yet is still so familiar that Sydneysiders refer to it endearingly as the coathanger. The Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrates not only a magnificent structure, but the people who use it.

About the Author

Peter Spearritt is a leading historian, the former executive director of the Brisbane Institute, and a current professor at the University of Queensland. He has published more than 20 books, including Australians and the Monarchy, Electrifying Sydney, Sydney’s Century: A History, Holiday Business: Tourism in Australia since 1870, and Trading Places: Australian Travel Posters.

Memoir Of The Rev. Sydney Smith 2 Volume Set

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First published in 1855 and reissued here in the second edition of that year, this two-volume work celebrates the life of the author, wit and clergyman Sydney Smith (1771-1845). A founder of the second Edinburgh Review, Smith is best remembered for his entertaining observations and witticisms. The work comprises a memoir, written by Smith's daughter Saba Holland (1802-66), and a selection of letters, edited by Sarah Austin (1793-1867). Together, the volumes offer private insights into a man who lived much of his life in the public eye. Sharing her father's sense of humour, Holland peppers her memoir in Volume 1 with many of his best jokes, while also emphasising his character as a compassionate clergyman, loving father and dutiful friend. Volume 2 continues with Smith's letters, selected for the light that they shed on his character.

Noah's Harbour

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The grassroots of Noah's Harbour lie with an attack, by pirates, on a merchant ship, back in 1722. The attack caused the ship and its entire crew, bar one, to sink into the icy depths of the ocean. The discovery of the ships' wreck centuries later and her return to her home port of Noah's Harbour, for restoration, triggers a series of adventures for a young group of friends living in the harbour, for the ship, known as the Lunarve, possesses strong, magical powers activated only by the close proximity of the three main characters; Zach, Summer & Captain Will Warne. The first book in the series is divided into three parts, with each part focusing on the day the characters meet. The days' events are described from their individual perspectives, helping the reader to consider the story line from different angles, which in turn opens up questions and allows a deeper insight into each character. Noah's Harbour, as a series, will take our friends on many adventures when, in their quest to unlock the secrets of time, they will each learn something new about themselves.


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