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The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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On 19 March, 1932, after nine years of planning and building, more than a million Australians crossed the newly opened Sydney Harbour Bridge, the largest arch bridge in the world. This revised edition of Peter Spearitt's biography of the Bridge celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in March 2012. It tells the extraordinary story of the Bridge's design and construction, the drama of its official opening, and the way it has taken a central place in Sydney's celebrations and become a much-loved symbol of the city. The Bridge has inspired great art and drawn visitors from all over the world to marvel and climb it, yet is still so familiar that Sydneysiders refer to it endearingly as the coathanger. The Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrates not only a magnificent structure, but the people who use it.

About the Author

Peter Spearritt is a leading historian, the former executive director of the Brisbane Institute, and a current professor at the University of Queensland. He has published more than 20 books, including Australians and the Monarchy, Electrifying Sydney, Sydney’s Century: A History, Holiday Business: Tourism in Australia since 1870, and Trading Places: Australian Travel Posters.

Death In The Dark (a Sydney Rye Novella, #2)

RRP $16.99

Fast-paced vigilante mystery novella, readers call DEATH IN THE DARK "hard to put down" Joy Humbolt is hiding not only from the law but also her own memories. This isolated life drinking tequila and feeling miserable on the beach doesn't last long though. A visit from her former partner in crime helps Joy accept her new identity as Sydney Rye. To complete the transformation, Joy must learn to control her emotions as well as her giant aggressive dog, Blue. With the help of an expert trainer, she learns to fight with her mind as well as her body. However, when the daughter of a close friend is brutally murdered in the desert, Rye turns away from her mentor to seek revenge. Her quick temper and deadly intentions lead Sydney Rye into a trap that she will need all of her new skills to survive. The Sydney Rye Series UNLEASHED (A Sydney Rye Novel, #1) DEATH IN THE DARK (A Sydney Rye Novella, #2) INSATIABLE (A Sydney Rye Novel, #3) STRINGS OF GLASS (A Sydney Rye Novel, #4) THE DEVIL'S BREATH (A Sydney Rye Novel, #5) INVITING FIRE (A Sydney Rye Novel, #6) Emily Kimelman's Sydney Rye series of vigilante crime mysteries feature a strong female protagonist and her canine best friend, Blue. It is recommended for the 18+ who enjoy some violence, don't mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex. Not to mention an awesome mystery with tons of action that will keep you reading late into the night!

Martello Towers In Cork Harbour

RRP $13.99

This book looks at several archeological structures found in Cork harbour but focussing on the Martello Towers. It also explores why these towers were built and why they were built in Cork. It will also aim to provide a historic background as to why these towers were built and why the design of the Martello towers differs from those built elsewhere. It will also provide an insight into the defenses of Cork harbour and the need for Martello Towers in 19th Century Cork harbour. Though it will provide a historical background its main purpose is an archeological study of these Martello Towers but it also is a good story. A story well worth reading for anyone interested in history, folklore or archeology or indeed in all 3 disciplines. I've done my best to make it interesting, and succeeded in my opinion, and to focus not just on the facts but also on the story behind the towers. I have enjoyed researching and writing this ebook and I'm sure you will enjoy reading it. If you interested in finding out more about the Martello Towers you will find a very extensive bibliography at the end and a reference list. You are also free to email me at: with your questions.


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